How to not give up on your 2020-intentions

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Newyear intentions by the millions 🙂
Everyone has them, except maybe for the few who experience their life as excellent. I have to be careful not hurting people, but the truth is: most of you do have a remarkable life. The problem is, the mind dwells continuously in the past or future (or both) making you missing every fantastic moment. For example, while being together with your loved ones. Even then 55.000 thoughts a day pas by your attention desk; making you live these thoughts rather than the moment.

And that’ s not al folks.
There is also tremendous worry and anxiety – which by the way is a result of overthinking – filling in horror scenarios for the future.
But you know what! The mind creates a feeling of separation. There are you and the tangible world, and to survive, you were given five senses.
Now here it comes; the mind divides everything into liking | disliking.


To compensate for all aspects of our lives that we don’t like we tend to create habits or addictions. For example, I can’t start my day without a coffee, or I need a sweet pie; a smoke; a glass of wine; go shopping; eat another meal; etc.
You need to look at these habits as addictions of the mind and body. Somewhere along the past, they became part of your identity and thus, daily routine. Some of them are so cruel to yourself; they make you clearly and seriously ill.

Your Buddhi (inner teacher/insight) knows very well; these habits aren’t right for you. That’s why you make good intentions for the new year to come.
Did you know this is a drop of self-love? Yes, wanting better health, relationships or perhaps money is ok. You deserve that, we all do. Of course, it is good to make the difference between self-love and greed.

Greed is a slave to the mind. It is a trick from the ego, keeping you completely attached and thus far away from your soul and even everyday consciousness.

But where were we? Ah yes! Self-love.
This is what yoga and contemplation are all about. In the process from shadow to light first, the poison has to go. Although the light, of course, was always there, it looks as if more and more space is available to be filled with authentic good energy and emotions.

Like Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the light enters you”.

It doesn’t have to be like this, but it seems to be a universal principle for most people. It took me ten years of daily and profound yoga to master a great deal of these habits. Smoking, drinking, over-eating, grudge, anger, shame, frustration, guilt, low self-image, self-hate,…
I don’t know where that woman of 10 years ago went. I transformed so so much.
I am sitting behind my laptop, watching a robin and other small birds; eating the birdfeed, and thinking about how to explain this matter.
But there is only one way: practice.

Let me share some tools.


Acknowledge any bad habit. Ask your friends about it.

Do some research. Look for advice from a great guru. Make sure you find the right words that inspire you and that make you have a special aha-moment. Follow Satsang life or online. Plan your vacations and budget to at least once a year for Satsang, vipassana, silent retreats, etc.
Silence is a great teacher. How can you listen and know yourself if you were constantly occupied? Go within, be silent and listen.


Meditation has become a ‘dumpster term.’ It is not something you can do. There is no doer in meditation. Meditation is the 7th limb of the yoga path. If you want to get there than use all the yoga tools first and follow the manual.

yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana en samadhi.

Yama and niyama are the first two tools. I tell my students to gain mastery over the mind by all kind of practices.
Such as working on one or two Yama and Niyama. Could you do it now; make an intention? For example, every morning, I put my hands on my heart, making the intention of creating a peaceful and loving world. In other words, in any situation or with any person, I (try to) stay friendly.

Next comes asana. Please don’t force your body to do things it is not ready for. You can do simple morning Hatha routines that keep the joints, muscles and meridians healthy and pure. Or follow a specific Iyengar routine.
Next is pranayama. Be careful with that. Lying on the back in savasana, observing the breath is also breathwork. Or Nadi shodana is very safe to do. Ujjayi on the exhale you can do during the day whenever you want (except after dinner – pregnant woman please consult first doctor).

Than comes pratyahara, the focus of the senses!!! Choose one in the morning and make sure to give your full attention to that one sense. Or maybe there is a skilled teacher nearby. Ask around. It’s a great tool also during yoga Nidra. Using all your senses to feel/experience your ideal life as if it is already existing.

Dharana is the following tool on the yoga path. It is one of my favourites. I can not tell you how many dharana techniques there are. Do some research about the 112 Shiva Sutra; in the occult world, many dharana practise is used. Try the school of magic; maybe you’ll like it.

You can concentrate on anything, anytime.
And then finally, a state of meditation will just happen. You do not know when or where. But it will!!!
Remember: good day, bad day, practice


After acknowledgement, research, yoga tools, experiment, practice, etc
Tell your habits: “I know you!”. “You are just a template, a pattern of the mind and body the unconsciousness that repeats itself daily”. It is not who you are. It is not what you want.


Choose. It is nothing more than a choice; it really is. Do you choose to be happy or to be unhappy? Make a choice now. Because if you stick to being unhappy than you identified yourself with all the tricks of the book, the mind knows to keep you in the same, changeless realm of its dark habits.


Every habit or addiction covers pain, sorrow or distress. Be kind to yourself. Please be very lovable to yourself. Love yourself because of your choices, your practice and the undeniable truth that transformation is a process. Trust, and it will come.

Wishing you all peace, joy and love


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