Yoga glimpses & deep healing

Writers urge


It is not possible to understand spiritual reverie with the analytical mind. Instead, feel the expression behind the story. Let the words kidnap you away from the brain and bring you to a place deep within. As if there is a mystic world living inside your belly that speaks with butterflies and early morning birdsongs. 

Here and now, in the North of Europe at 3:16 am, the new day hasn’t been born yet. The sky is still dark and four days away from the full moon in February. I woke up again with the urge of writing a divine story. A story that is unique for everybody but is nevertheless – in its core – the same for each one. Since we all hide our longing for radiant joy behind a dark screen, the standard search for a better world starts in the most profound black gap of non-sensory layers. I have been there once during a lucid dream. 

In pure panic and a heart filled with the most crushing fear, I ran away in vain. Without gravity and matter, my legs were not able to save me from a place in space where all human shadow seemed to be collected at one point. Exhausted, frustrated and defeated, I gave up the escape. And in that same moment, all shadow vanished. A flood of blinding light exploded in all directions.


This morning my daily yoga and meditation practice are swept aside by this deep force that guides me towards these writings. The title ‘Glimpses of divine healing’ rose from a quiet place, and I jumped out of bed in an attempt not to forget the words. My fingers can’t stop dancing on the keyboard, so I decided to create this ‘multi-blog ish’ writings. 

The dog came lying down next to me, and a cup of hot thee stands beside my old laptop. The sounds of the outside world reveal the beginning of new rushes, created by millions of people hurrying their body and mind to work. Jobs, relationships, worry’s, anxiety, fear for poverty and illness, it all drives them towards an unpredictable goal. A place where they don’t even want to be, creating tremendous suffering, unconscious diseases, violence and selfish community.

Beautiful spirits veiled by streams of thoughts glued to the past (actually created by the past). This is what’s causing a great collective agony — the cruel wheel of samsara.


Yes, I am a shadow worker but don’t worry, evil does not exist. Whatever it is you suffer from, it has been created inside that little immaterial skull of yours called identity. So if you are anxious, if you are scared, in pain, in doubt or maybe just curious; then become silent and feel the words you are about to read.

Because the madness of our contemporary, wage dependent ‘living-together-structures’ must come to an end, You, WE all have the birthright of ‘being happy’. Being human, expressing light is your destiny. Since so many people and so many blogs helped me realize a fantastic transformation, how can I not share inspiration, knowing the divine synchronicity of us all being one.

I have waited 35 years to write what has to be written. One blog post will not cover it all. There will be several posts about diverse topics explaining old yoga tools, guided meditations, spiritual techniques, Ayurveda, shamanism, mantra chanting, pranayama, concentration exercises written down by Shiva thousands of years ago and so much more. They all benefit self-contemplation or Svadhyaya. 

To launch them as a guest blogger on a popular website is maybe the way to reach you, we’ll see. Keep following and inhale the world of divine healing. 




The word ‘Healing’ has become a dumpster concept. In this case, it is used to speak about the transformational or transcending process of human consciousness. I don’t know if we should call it awakening. Indeed there is awakening involved, but I am not some enlightened guru. I can only guide you from the deep, dark place of suffering to a healthy, happy and spiritual person.

When I started my quest for healing, I had no more will to live. It is my mother instinct that made me reach out for help. Mentally traumatized, physically exhausted and very much addicted, I ended up in a big Hall for my first yoga class. Today I am strong, healthy, joyful and very much in peace with myself and the world. I teach yoga, yoga therapy, meditation and many more other techniques during inclusive classes. 

My pain was not a curse but a blessing. It thought me how to heal, how to awaken and to discover Grace. It thought me how to heal other people. 

Yes, I to have been a seeker for many years (still am), consuming books, blogs, personal story’s, etc., in the beginning leaving me behind with unfulfilled desires of a complete healed state (enlightenment). The secret: since it is the suffering that is the real Sherpa, it is your own story that will bring you from shadow to light. You see, you don’t evolve by selection but by elimination. A personal story is filled with tools and insights new to you. And these are the seeds that will blossom, bringing you again to the following tool, technique, insight or level of consciousness. 

If you approach it with a wall of judgment, it will not work. By the way, this is already a tool: let go of the overload of judgment




Do you know the meaning of placebo? It is mostly used in the modern medical world. Doctors give a fake medicine (often a pill of sugar) to patients while making them believe it is real curable stuff. Because of this, patients tend to cure all sorts of diseases. Because of worldly duality, placebo has his opposite, namely nocebo.

For many people, the healing path is a long time-consuming process. According to old scriptures, it takes many lifetimes. Because everything that occurs differently from your regular life is interpreted as wrong and dangerous, transformation is pretty tricky to implement. The nocebo effect is based on the attitude of non-belief. Observe yourself, observe your reaction when tools and advice are presented. You always tend to compare them to what you already know. Your identity sees the world through its own specs. Stop the attitude of non-belief. 


Feel & act great


Try all the tools at least for 21 days; observe what they cause on a deeper level. Especially the heart level and decide after if it works for you. Develop the attitude of openness. You’ll see! Develop the yogi attitude: knowledge has no value. Believe what you experience!

Seekers seek without judgement, in full openness and always dwell in self-contemplation. But don’t attach to your rituals. After all, what you seek is what you already are. This loop is specific to spiritual seeking. I know, pretty frustrating he. 

Until the day these words present themselves as a pearl of deep intuitive wisdom that expresses itself in stillness, it will continue to be disappointing. But the utter perfection of Grace is leading you towards that moment of revealing the truth. 

As a great wise man in India once told me: it takes persistence, patience and purity of thought.

See you when the next blog is written and ready for online publication. I shall disclose purity of thought and the great power of Santosh and Namaskaram.


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